Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ok, Fine! I'll Write Something: Re-cap and Spoilers of What's To Come!

Sorry I abandoned this site again. I've been very busy lately as far as work, band, anime conventions, etc. I've been meaning to write about many things, mainly my personal experiences at the recent anime / comic conventions I have been attending. Also, I have been wanting to write (brag) about the fact that I have quit smoking, and talk about my new expensive hobby of vaping.

Here are a few conventions I will be blogging about (all entries will be backdated):

  • Comicpalooza 2014: I volunteered for the first time ever, as a part of the First Aid crew.
  • A-Kon 25: I'll be talking about how my band Otaku Acoustic got our first ever "Special Events" recognition.
  • San Japan: Samurai 7: I will be blogging more about my awesome personal experience.
  • AnimeFest 2014: My band's busiest, yet satisfying gig to date!

Other things I will be blogging about soon:
  • How I was able to quit smoking cigarettes...
  • What made me get into vaping and electronic cigarettes
  • What anime I've been watching during the Summer 2014 season
  • How I'm doing at work
  • ...and more!

Soon, I'll have some time to write stuff on this blog. I won't be talking much about my band on this site because I should be blogging about all that stuff on the band's website at I'm also planning to start a video blog, which will be using this site as the archive and feed for every time I upload one on YouTube.

I'll keep y'all posted!

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