Thursday, September 11, 2014

(Re)Built My First Coil Ever! Rebuilding the Aspire Nautilus BVC... Almost!

Building coils for any atomizer is something I have yet to venture into. I recently bought my first rebuildable dripping atomizer, the Mephisto (clone) and I have yet to build my own DIY coil for it, instead of having a local vape shop do it for me.

This evening, I got tempted to attempt to rebuild one of my dead coil heads for my Aspire Nautilus. I have been using the Bottom Vertical Coils and my first one died out on me. From the vape shop the other day, I got less than a foot short .28 gauge Kanthal and a cotton ball. The Kanthal wire had about 8 wraps already, since I was told to practice wrapping at the vape shop.

So I thought to myself, "This should be enough gear for me." I started watching a YouTube video by Rip Trippers (video below) about rebuilding the Aspire Nautilus BVC coil heads. Then I realized that there are some things I'm just not going to have; like enough Kanthal wires, Japanese Organic Cotton (Koh Gen Do Pure), a 1/16 drill bit and a torch.

I ended up having to use regular organic cotton that I got from Walgreens. I have tweezers and scissors and a couple of tiny screw drivers. 

Nautilus Mini Bottom Vertical Coil Build by Rip Trippers

Just by following this video, and with enough tools (or lack thereof), I was still able to rebuild my BVC coil head! The only problem I had was the airflow. I had some congestion on the airflow since cotton got in the center of the coil.

But I hit my target resistance: 1.8 Ohms! That's the resistance my Vamo v5 was reading. Now many people know that the Vamo's resistance meter can't be trusted so easily. But it's all I have, until I get an actual Resistance Meter.

Mephisto RDA clone
I tested it anyway. It worked fine! It was a very restricted draw as Rip Trippers mentioned on the video, but it worked! I have NEVER built a coil in my entire life! Not even for my Mephisto RDA clone. I guess I got to start somewhere, since I'm slowly getting into vaping with mechanical mods and RBA / RDAs.

I still have the coil head, but I disassembled it since I can't seem to fix the airflow problem. Other than that, I know I can do it again! Maybe next time, I'll go down on the resistance to 1.4 Ohms. lol

I'm going to go shopping for some tools, and I'm going to be ordering some Kanthal .28 gauge online. This challenge was very satisfying to know that I was able to do something I didn't have any experience in doing.

One of the things I've been wanting to do ever since I started vaping was to DIY things, from rebuilding coils for drippers, rebuilding atomizers and making my own e-liquids. It's been 60 days since I started vaping and maybe I have much more to learn. I'm also planning to blog about it, too!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ok, Fine! I'll Write Something: Re-cap and Spoilers of What's To Come!

Sorry I abandoned this site again. I've been very busy lately as far as work, band, anime conventions, etc. I've been meaning to write about many things, mainly my personal experiences at the recent anime / comic conventions I have been attending. Also, I have been wanting to write (brag) about the fact that I have quit smoking, and talk about my new expensive hobby of vaping.

Here are a few conventions I will be blogging about (all entries will be backdated):

  • Comicpalooza 2014: I volunteered for the first time ever, as a part of the First Aid crew.
  • A-Kon 25: I'll be talking about how my band Otaku Acoustic got our first ever "Special Events" recognition.
  • San Japan: Samurai 7: I will be blogging more about my awesome personal experience.
  • AnimeFest 2014: My band's busiest, yet satisfying gig to date!

Other things I will be blogging about soon:
  • How I was able to quit smoking cigarettes...
  • What made me get into vaping and electronic cigarettes
  • What anime I've been watching during the Summer 2014 season
  • How I'm doing at work
  • ...and more!

Soon, I'll have some time to write stuff on this blog. I won't be talking much about my band on this site because I should be blogging about all that stuff on the band's website at I'm also planning to start a video blog, which will be using this site as the archive and feed for every time I upload one on YouTube.

I'll keep y'all posted!