Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Silly anime scenes that makes me hungry...

I was watching Sword Art Online while I was working. And in episode 9, there's a scene where Asuna hands Kirito this delicious looking sandwich. In this scene, Kirito was really enthused about eating whatever Asuna made....

....that scene, just made me go to McDonald's to get a McRib!
That is all.

Finally got around to watching "The Future Diary"

After everything that has happened in the past three months, I have not been able to catch up on the anime shows I've been planning to watch. I'm slowly starting to catch up all over again, now that I am finding more time to watch anime while I'm at work.

But there's this one show that I'm a bit scared to watch by myself: Mirai Nikki (a.k.a. The Future Diary). If you're wondering why, it is because I have developed a bit of a phobia of stalker girls, or #yandere since high school. 

Yes, I'm scared of crazy, stalker, clingy girls like Yuno Gasai. In the past, I have dated quite a few girls that turned out to be very yandere. Though none of them turned out to be just as crazy as Yuno, I did end up with one that tried to ruin my life, and nearly succeeded (until her "fatal attraction" kicked her right back in the ass).

Yuno Gasai - The Future Diary

But enough about my past experiences with yandere girls, and back to this anime show Mirai Nikki. Yuno scares me! She's very cute. Don't get me wrong. But I can't seem to watch this show by myself. My wife is actually enjoying the show with me, since this was on her plan to watch list. And now she's making fun of me by telling me things like she's going to turn out to be a yandere.

I decided to continue watching this show some other time. I think we are on episode 8. This entry is certainly not a review of the show. But if you were to ask me for my opinion about this show, I'd have to say: CREEPY!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Changes to the New "CallmeRoger.com"

I'm almost sure that no one even noticed the big change. The domain "callmeroger.com" now points to Blogger.com. I decided to save my money and cancel my hosting service. All the entries I ever posted on my old Wordpress is tucked away in my old Wordpress.com account.

Because I'm still paying for this domain, I would like to continue to put this site to good use. All I want is a website that I can call "home". This is where I will be experimenting on my journal writing, creative writing, and more. 

Here are a few changes to CallmeRoger.com:
  • Obviously, it is no longer powered by Wordpress (I miss it already!) It is now powered by Blogger.
  • Having said that, many parts of this blog will be implementing the use of many Google services.
  • My music videos from YouTube, including videos from my band's YouTube account "Otaku Acoustic", and videos from various users that has me and my band on their videos, will soon be posted here.
  • I will most likely blog about my personal life. This includes blog entries about my work, my home life, etc.
  • This blog may include elements that are probably copyrighted by their respected authors and artists. I will do my best to credit them, and/or the site/source from which I took them from.
This coming year of 2014, which is just around the corner, I would really like to make a habit of updating this blog. I hope that my friends from Google+ and Facebook visit my site every once in a while. This goes out to my followers on Twitter as well. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Otaku Day!

So yesterday was Otaku Day. Too bad I had to work, and it totally slipped my mind.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Haven’t Been Blogging Lately…

Sorry guys, I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. I’ve been busy with work, and playing video games on Steam and on our new PlayStation 3. I do have a lot of drafted blog entries, reviews and posts, but I haven’t been updating them either.

While I hate to admit it, I really have a busy, hectic life. Even I don’t want to face that fact, either. All day long at work, I think about things that I want to do for leisure when I get home. But when I’m home, I got all these chores that I didn’t really have to worry about before.

Also, when I feel overwhelmed with a lot of tasks to complete, and don’t know where to start, I usually just start looking for other non-productive things to do. I am well aware of this bad habit of mine. I think I’m doing a very good job at keeping my own self under control… I think.

I have some upcoming posts that I’ve been working hard to finish. Some are just personal entries, others are a bit more opinionated. Some of the other posts I’ve been working on are just anime and video game reviews.