Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finally got around to watching "The Future Diary"

After everything that has happened in the past three months, I have not been able to catch up on the anime shows I've been planning to watch. I'm slowly starting to catch up all over again, now that I am finding more time to watch anime while I'm at work.

But there's this one show that I'm a bit scared to watch by myself: Mirai Nikki (a.k.a. The Future Diary). If you're wondering why, it is because I have developed a bit of a phobia of stalker girls, or #yandere since high school. 

Yes, I'm scared of crazy, stalker, clingy girls like Yuno Gasai. In the past, I have dated quite a few girls that turned out to be very yandere. Though none of them turned out to be just as crazy as Yuno, I did end up with one that tried to ruin my life, and nearly succeeded (until her "fatal attraction" kicked her right back in the ass).

Yuno Gasai - The Future Diary

But enough about my past experiences with yandere girls, and back to this anime show Mirai Nikki. Yuno scares me! She's very cute. Don't get me wrong. But I can't seem to watch this show by myself. My wife is actually enjoying the show with me, since this was on her plan to watch list. And now she's making fun of me by telling me things like she's going to turn out to be a yandere.

I decided to continue watching this show some other time. I think we are on episode 8. This entry is certainly not a review of the show. But if you were to ask me for my opinion about this show, I'd have to say: CREEPY!

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