Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Call me Roger @ Mindsay

Also Known As: MISC:DATA Repository - Mindsay sector, The Spicy Pork Chronicles
Category: Personal blog (partly network-exclusive or friends-only)
Powered by: Mindsay
Site Traffic: High (+100 visits per day, including anonymous visitors)

Call me Roger @ Mindsay, among all my blogs, holds the reputation for being the most updated (considering it is updated DAILY) and the most popular blog in the Call me Roger Blog Network. Unlike Episode Unknown, this blog is connected to at least 100 users in the Mindsay blogging community. Some entries are capable of receiving over 100 comments within two to three days, sometimes hours. Needless to say, this account is the most active blog in my entire network and it's also used to communicate with many different people in the Mindsay community.

Updated daily, the Call me Roger @ Mindsay blog includes the following:
  • Episode Unknown x-posts: Some of the personal entries posted in EP:?? is crossposted to my Mindsay blog if it can possibly be posted before 12:00am of the event's date. Entries from EP:?? is edited to relate more to the Mindsay community.
  • The 90's Song of the Day: A project that started on August 1st, 2005, this feature brings back lyrics of some of the best songs that came out in the 90's. Unlike the EP:?? x-posts, this project is sponsored by the Between These Lines project.
  • MISC:DATA Repository: Some of the most useless, yet entertaining information and images I run into from the vast world we call the internet is blogged here randomly. It gives the community some laughs.
If you are not a member of, there are some entries that you will not be able to see. Call me Roger @ Mindsay is partly Network-Exclusive (or Friends Only), because it contains entries that are so personal, that it can't even be posted in Episode Unknown. This is where I speak my mind without any hesitation and this is where I can guarantee that at least someone will hear me out. But some of the daily contents like the 90's Song of the Day are still made available to the public, including non-Mindsay users.

The Call me Roger @ Mindsay blog depends heavily on the use of the Semagic LJ client's ability to create the proper HTML coding translated from the WYSIWYG editor. It also uses the Semagic LJ client and it's ability to create line-breaks for Mindsay's Blog Update page. However, the Semagic LJ client is not used to post entries directly to this Mindsay blog. This blog is also known to be updated using AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) by sending messages to "Mindsaybot".

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