Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Now Serving: Pearland, TX

I've been temporarily assigned as a standby courier at an emergency center in Pearland, TX. For the type of work that I have to do, this assignment actually pays decently. And on top of that, I'm somewhat able to keep my current contracts at the Texas Medical Center. though I have to be extremely careful about working both jobs at the same time.

Yesterday was my start date. I did experiment on doing my little covert operation and despite the difficulty of combining the two jobs. I know very well that I won't always be as lucky, and the emergency center can call at a bad time. Luckily, my wife was willing to help, by going on standby for me at the medical center, just in case I'm stuck at Pearland and unable to go to the Texas Medical Center.

My contractors told me that I will most likely be doing this for a month, and there's a possibility that if the driver I'm covering decides not to come back, I will be able to keep the route for myself and to continue with both contracts for as long as I'm able to perform both of them with no problems.

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